Great Day of Yoga and Funny Yoga Videos

14 Jan

Today after my little sister’s 8th birthday party at the American Girl Place, I went to a great Vinyasa Flow 2/3 yoga class at YogaWorks with David Kim.

It is my favorite yoga class by far, and apparently I’m not alone because the class was completely full with 42 people.

The real bummer was that after feeling completely relaxed from yoga, I came back to the car to see the parking enforcement driving away after giving me a ticket because my parking meter had just expired 😦

When I got back home I restored my chi by watching a few funny yoga video.

My favorite is by far Hey Yoga Girl: 

I also get a kick out of Yoga Girls of the World which was made in response to the Hey Yoga Girl video: 

Another hilarious yoga video is S**t Yogis Say, a yogic parody of S**t Girls Say: 

Another less publicly spread yoga video is this great clip of a Yoga Rave: 

Here is a picture of the sign that I purchased at the farmer’s market in Culver City a few weeks back, and it looking at it always makes me feel incredibly grateful.

How do you incorporate yoga into your daily life?

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