A Little for You and a Little for Me

16 Feb

After 31 months of dating my incredible boyfriend, I’ve learned that being in a relationship is about give and take. Choosing what to compromise on can be tricky, but you have to decide what new things you are willing to let your partner introduce you to and what interests you will keep to yourself.

Even if you could force the person who you are involved with to become just like you, it would not take long until your relationship would become tediously dull. While it may not be completely true that opposites attract, people want to be with people who are different from themselves so that they can learn and try new things. In the long run people want to spend time with people who make them better versions of themselves, and one way to accomplish this is by having a partner who stimulates you and encourages you to leave your comfort zone. This could mean dating soemone who is athletic like you and encourages you to try new sports, someone who shares your love of music and starts teaching you how to play an instrument, or someone who is into politics like you but has some opposing ideologies that can help you hone your own ideas.

The original letters on my room

No matter how amazing your partner is, you will probably each have some interests that make no sense to the other person. Instead of trying to fight your differences, embrace them and each take time to spend doing what you love. Perhaps your boyfriend loves playing golf, but it bores you to tears. Instead of trying to force yourself to put on a happy face while golfing, take this time to be with friends who you don’t see often or indulge in a hobby that makes you happy. It is important that you and your partner both continue to dedicate time to the things that are important to you, because it is those things that make you interesting and attracted your partner to you in the first place.

For Goose’s birthday this year, I decided to combine his interests with my own to make sports letters for his wall. I had done a similar craft a while back for my room in which I covered wooded letters that spelled out “dream” with old maps. This time I used the letters to spell out his name, added an extra step and painted the edges of the letters blue, and cut out clippings from the sports page of various newspaper instead of using maps. This allowed me to fulfill my passion for crafting with his love of sports. These wall letters are incredibly easy and very customizable. You can use photographs, images from magazine, pretty paper, or interesting fabric to make these letters a great custom present for anyone.

Custom Wall Letters

Inspiration from Smitten and Hazel and Do It Yourself Divas

Home Made Mod Podge

Letters with the edges painted


  • Wooded letters (from Michael’s) or make your own with this great tutorial from Green Zebra Crafts
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Elmer’s liquid glue
  • Glass Jar
  • Newspaper or any other covering
  • cardboard
  • X-acto knife

Tracing the newspaper image to make sure that the best portion shows

Letters completely covered with newspaper clippings


  1. Paint the outside edge of each letter and set it aside to dry
  2. Make your won mod podge by emptying the bottle of glue into the glass jar, refilling the glue bottle with water and emptying it into the jar as well, (this will give you a 1:1 ratio of glue to water) then shaking the jar for a minute
  3. Cut out the newspaper clipping that interest you (or select any type of paper you want)
  4. Once the sides of the letters are dry, place the newspaper clippings with images behind your letters and use a pencil to trace them to ensure that you can see the areas that you want
  5. Cut out the images on the pencil lines and dip a paintbrush in the mod podge to attach the images where you want them
  6. Continue using the mod podge to cover the rest of the surface of each letter with text clippings
  7. Coat the entire surface of each of the letters with mod podge and allow them to dry
  8. Once the letters are dry, use the cardboard as a cutting surface for the x-acto knife and trim the extra newspaper from the letters
  9. Give the letters and final coat of mod podge for a little more shine

Backside of the letters prior to trimming

Finished letters that I made for Goose

2 Responses to “A Little for You and a Little for Me”

  1. Julie Kendall February 22, 2012 at 6:51 pm #

    Love this! Can’t wait to read more of these……

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