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Book Love: Taschen Sale

24 Jan

Here’s something about myself that I haven’t fully expressed to you lovely readers yet: I’m a book addict.

Sure, I love reading literature and I adore flipping through cookbooks, but what really captivates me is searching for inspiration on the pages of art and architecture books.

Pinxit by Mark Ryden

This leads me to the problem…art and architecture book with their big, glossy pages are expensive. If I were given $1000 to spend on anything, I would without a doubt run to my local Taschen store and splurge on the beautiful Mark Ryden book, Pinxit.

Even though I only discovered Tashcen a few weeks ago when my dad took me there, I’m already hooked. The beautiful books cover everything from photography, to film, to music, to fashion, to architecture. The high ceilings, long display tables, and adorable gnome door stopper make me want to stay here forever.


I was lucky enough to snag a two-book Impressionism collection that normally costs $60, for just $20 because it was already half off, and the accommodating salesperson gave me an extra $10 off because of the messed up spine on the book cover.

I’m super excited to add these two lovely hardbacks to my other three Taschen finds. It makes me so happy to see that my art library is already growing!

Everyone at Taschen is super friendly and they can make great book recommendations.Whether you’ve never been before, or you’re a regular visitor to Taschen, I highly suggest that you go take a peek around the  New York, Miami, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, or various European stores.

Interior of Taschen from You Are Here

If you aren’t a book lover already, I guarantee that a visit to this beautiful store will convert you!