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Mother’s Day Loving From a True Momma’s Girl

12 May

For years I’ve been told by countless teachers, friends, and family members just haw much I look like my mom. Unlike most teens, I think that there is no greater compliment than being told of my resemblance to this incredible super woman. She has a speech pathology degree, a model-esque body, and endless charm, yet she chose to dedicate her life to raising my three sisters and me. If that kind of pure selflessness doesn’t count as a super power, I don’t know what does.

I owe much of my academic success to my mom’s tireless dedication to doing everything in her power to help me. From dropping me off and picking me up at Habitat for Humanity sights that are almost an hour’s car-ride away to running back and forth among all of the art and building supply stores in town to help get me all of the obscure materials that I needed for my architectural models, my mom has never once refused to help me in any way possible.

Not only has my mom been my biggest cheerleader over the years, she also has been my best friend. She is my closet confidant, my shopping buddy, my kitchen companion, and the person whom I can always rely on to try new things with me. While my mom always tries to encourage me to catch up on my zzz’s, when I end up staying up to the wee hours of teh morning, it’s usually because she’s by my side chit chatting with me all night over a shared orange and a few cups of green tea.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have this amazing woman to enstill a sense of endless possibility and to guide me throughout my life. Without her support and daily readership, this blog would not be possible, so thank you Mom!

If any of you lovely readers want to show your apprecaition for your mommas out there too, check out this quick and easy craft as a great last minute Mother’s Day gift or an idea to tuck away for the future. These sweet little tea cup candles are the perfect way to add a touch of vintage chic to any house or office. The great scents of these decorative gems are an extra bonus!

Teacup Candles

What You’ll Need:

  • small sauce pan or pot
  • teacup, with a saucer if you so desire
  • meltable wax (find this at craft stores like Michaels or melt down existing candle stubs)
  • candle wicks with holder, at leas an inch or two taller than your cup
  • dye and essential oil (skip these if you bought pre dyed and scented wax like me)
  • thermometer
  1. First scour your local vintage shops, flea market, or grandmother’s china cabinet for a cute teacup.
  2. Generously measure out the amount of wax that you will need to fill your teacup.
  3. Melt the wax in your pot and place the thermoneter in it to monitor the temperature.
  4. While waiting for the wax to melt, tie the top of your wick around a pencil or popsicle stick.
  5. Once the wax reaches 185 degrees, gently dip the wick into the wax, then place the base of the wick into the teacup and let it set.
  6. Balance the pencil or stick on the teacup’s rim, and place the teacup in the sink.
  7. Gently pour the melted wax into the teacup, making sure to stop 1/2 inch below the rim of the cup.
  8. Let the wax cool for at least an hour, then untie the wick from the pencil or stick and cut it to 1/2 inch above the wax line.
  9. Wrap it up cutely and give it as a gift. Punny tea references encouraged.

25 Festive and Cheap Springtime Dates

31 Mar

For the past 6 weeks Goose has been in almost non-stop rehearsals for our high school production of Grease, so our usual Friday and Saturday date nights have fallen by the wayside. After seeing the musical two nights in a row, I can honestly say the entire cast is full of immensely talented singers, dancers, and actors. It has been such a treat to watch them, and to see Goose make his big musical debut as Johnny Casino.

With tonight being the closing night of the musical, and spring break only one week away, I decided to come up with a collection of romantic springtime dates so that we can really make the most of our down time. During winter, it’s so easy to fall into a near hibernation of movie watching and cuddling on the couch, but now that spring has finally returned, it’s time to add a little more pizzaz to your usual date night.

Date Night Ideas

  1. Wake up early on Sunday morning and stroll around your local farmer’s market, then either get breakfast from one of the vendors there, or pick up ingredients to make breakfast together when you get home.
  2.  Take your man shopping somewhere new, like a flea market or a hip street with rare boutiques.
  3. Make a bucket list of things to do by December 31, 2012
  4. Pick out a 500-1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and take it to the park to solve while relaxing on a blanket in the grass.
  5. If neither of you have a pool, sneak over to use one at a nearby hotel. Some hotels may even let you buy a guest pass for the day.
  6. Pick some lemons to make a homemade pitcher of lemonade to sip on while you look over each other’s childhood photo albums to gain a better understanding of  who your partner was before you came along.
  7. Go mini golfing.
  8. Tryout a fun new class together like a pottery class, ballroom dancing class, rock climbing class, free lululemon yoga class, or cooking class.
  9. Head to the beach. Even if it’s still to cold to go swimming, you can build sand castles and bury each other in the sand. Or you can stay away from the sand and surf altogether by walking along the boardwalk and get snacks, cheesy henna tattoos of each other’s names, or just great photo op.
  10. Melt six ounces of chocolate with 1/2 cup of whipping cream in a double boiler, then dip your favorite foods in for a quick and easy chocolate fondue.
  11. Checkout one of your local ethnic neighborhoods like Chinatown, Little Ethiopia, or Little Italy to sample new food and different cultures.
  12. Go on a run through the neighborhood together, picking out what houses you would like to live in one day.
  13. Pack a picnic lunch and buy a kite or two, then head to a nearby park for hours of simple, childish fun.
  14. Go to an arcade and see who can win the most tickets, then buy each other cheesy prizes.
  15. Invite some of your friends over for pizza and have a board game night. The losing team has to clean up afterwards.
  16. Go see a play at a local high  school or college. Tickets are bound to be cheaper than what it would cost to see a professional production.
  17. Rent a book from the library on constellations, then head out with a blanket and thermos of hot cocoa to cuddle up and check out the stars.
  18. Get a pair of nosebleed tickets to see your baseball team, that way you can be as loud as you want in the deserted upper deck.
  19. Checkout what Groupon Now deals are available, and spontaneously pick one to go do.
  20. Volunteer to build houses with your regional chapter of Habitat for Humanity or make dinner at a local soup kitchen.
  21. Go see an outdoor art show.
  22. Chose recipes from your pinterest to cook a delicious dinner together.
  23. Babysit your nieces nephews, siblings, or neighbors and show the kids some of your favorite Disney movies that may be before their time.
  24. Find a hiking path with a wonderful lookout point, and pack a picnic to enjoy when you reach your destination.
  25. Head to the zoo and tryout your best animal imitations. This is bound to leave you with some hilarious photos and video clips.