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Pamper yourself for Spa Week!

16 Apr

Now that the hectic rush of tax day is finally over, treat yourself to a luxurious spa treatment for only $50 during the week-long spa week! Everyday you spend time checking off tedious tasks from your to-do list, so this week give yourself a rest and set aside an hour or two to visit one of the 800 spas across the US that are offering tremendously discounted spa services.

You have from now until Sunday to take full advantage of the amazing deals by scheduling as many luxurious treatments as you want! Simply visit Spaweek.com to see what spas near you are offering promotions this week. This is the perfect time to finally visit that expensive hotel spa or get that long-lasting treatment that you’ve been dreaming of. Participating spas are offering various treatments ranging from your typical hair cuts, facials, massages, mani/pedis, to acupuncture, teeth-whiting, and personal training sessions.

Going to the spa may feel ridiculously indulgent, but seize the opportunity while it’s too cheap to pass up! Going to the spa can have serious mental and physical health benefits. Giving yourself a treat just one day this week can put you in a better mood and increase your general attitude towards others in your life. Massages in particular have been scientifically proven to improve circulation, increase flexibility, reduce blood pressure, relieve tension, decrease depression syndromes, and prevent injury.

If the SpaWeek discounts are not being offered with you, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the wonderful opportunity to give yourself some probably long-overdue pampering. Check out these links for great at-home spa treatments that will cost you next to nothing.

Enjoy! How are you going to treat yourself this week?