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Schools of the Future

19 May

Long gone are the days of little red school houses. With today’s rapid technological advances, schools are changing more rapidly than ever.

Technological advances such as tablets and ipads are starting to render traditional textbooks obsolete, so 20 years from now, when students no longer have to carry books to and from their classes, will kids even need lockers?

Repurposing outdated lockers

Another use for unneeded lockers

With innovative developments in sustainable architecture, will schools begin incorporating enough solar panels and eco-friendly materials that schools of the future cease to resemble schools of the past?

Student Center at the University of Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland

Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia

With so many internet resources available with the mere click of a mouse, will  schools need libraries any more?

Library of Ørestad College in Copenhagen, Denmark

With an increasing trend of grow one’s own food for health and environmental sustainability purposes, will schools start to look more like farms?

Green School in Bali with its own farm, a bicycling program, solar power, and an organic chocolate factory

Vertical Garden at Drew School in San Francisco, California

What other changes that we can’t even imagine yet will change

Schools around the world are starting to implement innovative new designs and technologies to give us a small glance at what the future of schools may hold. How do you think schools will change in the next few decades?