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Rainforest Revisited and the Beauty of the Journey

21 Feb

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about my revised recipe for Butternut Squash Soup. What I didn’t mention was the other post that I was dissatisfied with, my post about finding a rainforest in LA’s Fryman Canyon. Over the weekend I was able to go back to Fryman canyon with my little sisters and my amazing cousins, including Julie who had told me about the secluded rainforest in the first place.

As it turns out, I didn’t miss the rainforest on my first hike, I had walked right through it without even noticing. The first time around I had such high expectations for this natural treasure that its beauty was completely lost on me. In the middle of Studio City, there is a hidden oasis where the temperature drops noticeably and massive trees. Although there is no sign explicitly designating the entrance to the rainforest, those few hundred feet of shaded land are so different from California’s warm, sunny climate that we should have recognized it when we first went there.

My cousin Julie exalted “isn’t it beautiful!” as soon as we entered the rainforest, and although it was not at all what I had been anticipating, yes it was beautiful. There were no flowers or monkeys or hanging vines, like I had dreamed of as a child, but the 15-foot wide trees and naturally cool hideaway certainly were remarkable. The rainforest was beautiful in the truest sense of the word. It wasn’t flashy or in-your face, but rather it was an elegant, unique growth of trees that is unlike almost anywhere else in Los Angeles.

Leading up to the rainforest is a twisting, narrow trail through the relatively uninhabited region of the Hollywood Hills. I highly recommend that you make the hike. If you don’t live nearby and still want to see what the rainforest looks like, check out Jeremy Jacobus’s blog 1000 Hikes 1000 Days.

Revisiting this hike taught me is the importance of really enjoying every step of the journey and taking in the beauty of all of my surroundings, instead of focusing my efforts on trying to reach a specific end point. So lovely readers, always take the time to fully enjoy everything that you do or you could miss something wonderful!