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Restaurant Review: The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel

30 Jan

To celebrate getting into architecture school, this weekend I went with my amazing family and incredible boyfriend to the SLS Bazaar. With the intriguing food, funky decor, and energetic atmosphere, there is no better place to celebrate a special occasion!

My amazing family

The Bazaar is my favorite restaurant in LA because designer Philippe Starck’s eccentric furnishings and unique spacial layout perfectly compliment chef Jose Andres’s delectable gastronomic creations.

The inside is an interior design wonderland with countless treasures including a hundred different styles of chairs and almost two dozen chandeliers. Rich velvet curtains and intimate seating arrangements divide the restaurant into four main areas.

People can begin with exquisite cocktails in the Bar Centro. Then they move into either the Blanca or Rojo dining rooms where the extensive menus offers mixture of modern and traditional tapas, each with Andres’s distinctive flair. Finally people finish off the unforgettable night with a delectable assortment of cookies, cakes, and confections in the Patisserie.

The Patisserie

We started off with the semi-normal sweet potato chips with yogurt and balsamic foam to, then moved on to more adventurous dishes. My favorites include japanese eel tacos in a cucumber “shell,” brussel sprouts topped with tangy lemon air, guacamole wrapped in jicama paper,and caviar cones filled with cauliflower creme. The most impressive of the desserts was the floating island, coconut moose frozen with liquid nitrogen.

Eel Tacos

Caviar Cones

Brussel Sprouts

Sweet Potato Chips

There is also a fun shop attached to the patisserie with a changing display of peculiar objects that you would only fin d in the most luxurious boutiques. Although this may seem to a strange feature, it fit perfectly with the avant guard atmosphere o the restaurant with its quirky details and unexpected pairings.

Curated Shop

I highly recommend that everyone save up to try this unforgettable restaurant at least once in their lives because in all the time I have spent in LA, I have never seen anything like it!