The Princess and the Prague

3 Oct

Sorry it’s been so long since my last travel blog recap, but with my first set of college midterms school has been pretty hectic! Well, back to reliving my summer vacation….Here’s the fourth stop from our itinerary, Prague!

No, sadly I didn’t actually eat these heavenly looking meringues, but the crisp white and soft peaks of the cookie were just so beautiful. I hope to whip up a similarly delicious batch soon!

I love how these colorful, storybook-esque buildings fill the city. Their eclecticism and child-like innocence seems so perfectly suited to the city. The rows of vivid colors seem like a European equivalent of San Francisco’s bright Victorian homes.

I love this Art Nouveau statue by Alfons Mucha outside of the Municipal House. The way that the father and son stare down at the people down below really resonated with me. The glass structure that the father holds really elevates this piece from becoming another metal statue.

When I first saw the Hotel Evropa, I assumed that it was just a random hotel in Prague’s more commercial shopping district, but the mustard-yellow paint and art nouveau-style facade make it seem quite noteworthy indeed. Anything yellow automatically catches my eye. But, as it turns out, the hotel is rather famous for its beauty and its interior was actually featured in Mission Impossible and Titanic.

I love the bold colors and mod design of this piece of street art. Its modern vibrancy provided such a stark contrast to a city that otherwise seems stuck in dreams of the past. It is clearly an expression of the artistic population that fills Prague.

Instead of navigating the windy roads up to Prague castle, we decided to take a short cut through the lovely gardens behind the palace. Their Italian-style architecture bears no resemblance to the palace itself, but the gardens provided us with a beautiful, scenic view both of the hilly garden and of the entire city.

From afar, Prague Castle lacks the breathtaking beauty of so many other European castles, but it looks quite a bit like Hogwarts. It rained just moments after I took this photo, so the dark, foreboding sky certainly didn’t exactly make the castle look inviting.

Check out the amazing detailing on this window from Prague castle! The flowery sections and miniature stained glass really show of the Gothic beauty in all its glory. 


The area under the bridge (not in the Red Hot Chili Peppers way) is one of Prague’s hidden gems with various smaller artisans and more unique puppets. It provides a nice contrast to the various mass-produced puppeteers and tourist shops the cover much of Lesser Town. 


These were my favorite puppets that we saw. The disproportionate bodies and exaggerated facial features reminded me of unconventionally pretty porcelain dolls. They just seem so sweet and innocent, as if all they wanted was to be loved. 

In the same area under the bridge, we spotted these German beer girls taking a leisurely afternoon break. I loved the contrast between their regular, modern behavior and the old-school, touristy costumes. As the German costumes show, Prague appeared to lack a clear image of itself. Without a clearly defined national language, image, or cuisine,Prague seemed to be almost a hodgepodge of its European neighbors.

Frank Ghery’s famous Dancing House. While not as vibrant as some of Ghery’s more colorful buildings, the muted palate serves modernize Ghery’s curvaceous ode to Prague’s fairytale-esque architecture.

This is my favorite photo of Prague! The setting sun serves to perfectly illuminate the colorful buildings of Lesser Town, with the Prague Castle looming majestically in the background. 

4 Responses to “The Princess and the Prague”

  1. Julie Kendall October 7, 2012 at 1:31 pm #

    Looks like a really fabulous and interesting city, I can’t wait to make it there to see all of the places you described. I esp love the buildings.

    • ModernAlice October 8, 2012 at 9:22 am #

      Thanks Julie! It was such a spectacular place to visit:) Leah always says that it’s one of her favorite places in the world


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